Not all monsters do monstrous things


i don’t know if you’ve all heard but hugs4chris is really, really amazing about donating copies of TLOS to children who can’t afford them with their various book drives throughout the year, and they’re currently having one now!

if you go here you can pay $20 for a limited edition book huggers shirt, and every shirt sold = 1 book for a child. not only do you get some cool swag but you also get to provide a copy of the books that we’ve all fallen in love with to kids who may not be able to afford one. (you can read more about the book drive when you click the link above.)

as of right now only 24/50 shirts have been sold, but the minimum of 50 total must be reached or all orders will be canceled. so if you can you should definitely help out!

there are only 17 days left until the t-shirt drive closes so don’t waste time!

I’d describe my personal style as 49 Shades of Grey

Chris Colfer guest starring on Hot in Cleveland

grantgust: be nice and choose happiness.